Michael Harding


Dip. Pod. Memb. Aust Pod Assoc

With a special interest in Biomechanics of foot disorders

Michael has over 30 years of clinical experience and a particular interest in mechanical problems of the foot including;

  • Heel and arch pain (Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Forefoot pain (Neuroma, Plantar Plate Tears, Bunions)
  • Collapsed arch (Pronated Feet)
  • Ankle Instability (Including Supinated Feet)
  • Shin Splints

Please bring shoes, x-ray and ultrasound results and any previous orthoses to appointments to help determine your best management.

Graduate Training

Diploma in Applied Science - Podiatry 1985

Medical Associations

  • Australian Podiatry Association SA
  • Councillor of SA Podiatry Association
  • Past President of SA Podiatry Association
  • Past SA Representative to National Podiatry Council
  • Clinical Tutor Uni SA - Podiatric Biomechanics