Dr Rachel Gronke

Musculoskeletal GP, Surgical Assistant, Cosmetic Physician,

Dr Rachel Gronke graduated from Adelaide University in 1984. After completing her residency at Modbury Hospital, she has worked in general practice for many years, both in Adelaide and Sydney.

In 1995, Dr Gronke branched out into Cosmetic Medicine, primarily focusing on the treatment of leg veins. At that time, she also began working with Dr Linda Ferris as a surgical assistant, thus gaining valuable knowledge of foot and ankle function and pathology.

In 2007, Dr Gronke became the owner of a Cosmetic Medical Practice and focused her energies on acquiring extensive training and qualification in that field, gaining her Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine and subsequently her Fellowship of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine. She has now been a board member of ACAM for several years.

Since selling her practice, and adopting a more relaxed work-life balance, Rachel is now looking forward to combining her cosmetic practice and musculoskeletal interests with her foot and ankle expertise.

Rachel provides a rapid assessment clinic for patients with musculoskeletal problems who are proving to be a diagnostic challenge from a musculoskeletal point of view and those requiring a more comprehensive work-up prior to seeing our surgeons at Specialist Central.

Patients do not need a referral letter to see Dr Gronke

Dr Gronke is happy to see Privately Insured, Uninsured, WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accident and DVA patients.