Specialist Central offers a range of critical business services to surgical specialists, physicians, specialist GPs and allied health. Tailored bespoke services include:

  • Practice set up and business structure

  • Marketing and sales

  • Business and marketing roadmaps

  • Brand management and strategy

  • Change and project management

  • Risk management

  • Performance metrics

  • HR

We have a proven track record:

  • Setting up and fast tracking business to profit

  • Practice and business management

  • Increasing market growth

  • Maximising patient numbers

  • Growing income

  • Attracting and retaining practitioners

  • Contracts and negotiation

  • Recruitment

  • Training and education

  • Recruitment

  • Insurance and asset protection

  • Accountancy/tax

  • Harnessing technology and communications

  • Government legislation

  • Patient and provider billing and finance

  • Customer service

  • Accreditation

  • Clinical triage

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Implementing lean business processes

  • Building agile businesses


Specialist Central offers staff training, theoretical and practical. Training can be one on one or small groups in the workplace, in-house at Specialist Central or external workshops