We make billing easy for surgeons, surgical assistants and physicians. Simply forward your theatre lists and item numbers and we do the rest. We forward your accounts directly to health funds using ECLIPSE. We forward co-payments directly to patients, and these can be receipted pre-surgery if that is your preference. Where necessary we can provide quotes for your patients for surgery. You can send patient information to us by post, fax or email.

Our service includes monthly financial reports showing billing and receipting.

We can register your provider numbers with health funds.


Our fee is 10% of your net receipts. We do not charge a set up fee. Resubmissions and debt collection fees are included in the fee. Accounts are only written off under your instruction.


Use our patient billing software programme or we can use your system. We can log in to your system if it is cloud based. If your system is server based we can utilise remote access.

Your staff can data enter patient information in your system or we can data enter for you. Simply forward patient information. We can contact patients via email or post for demographic details.

For those doctors treating trauma cases, send us your patient name and d.o.b., name of hospital and hospital admission date, date of operation and item numbers for procedure performed. We will do the rest.

Health fund, Medicare Australia, Workover and Third Party billing schedules are automatically downloaded to our billing software programme so you can be assured that your fees are always up to date.

Our financial software programme records every stage of your invoices and receipts, including those that are part-paid or rejected. We follow up and resubmit all part-paid and rejected invoices.

Gap Scheme Registration

You must be registered with the health funds to be able to invoice the health funds for in-hospital services. Once we have your medical specialist registration details and provider numbers at Specialist Central we can register you with all health funds. You decide whether you want to be a no gap provider or a known gap provider. Some health funds have a cap on the known gap.

Self-funded patients will be invoiced according to your specific private fees.


Specialist Central is integrated with Medicare Australia’s ECLIPSE Online Claiming System.

We handle the data entry, patient verification and account submissions (including bulk bill and DVA). Payments are received in 3 to 15 days. Any rejected or part-paid accounts are investigated and resubmitted.

Receipts can be paid to our bank account or your bank account. Payments to our account ensure we can check the funds have been paid prior to receipting.

Financial reporting

Our reporting system provides you with a monthly print out of all accounts invoiced and receipted.

For a fee we can provide you with various reports.

  • Reports showing patient names, procedures performed, where and when procedures were performed and item numbers used for each procedure.

  • Reports showing item numbers billed, how many and the amount invoiced for specific time lines.

  • If we have processed your operation list for you we can also report on procedures performed and who the assistant and anaesthetist was for those lists.

  • Aged debtor report.

  • Other reports and in-depth analysis may be available depending on requirements.

Debt collection

Unfortunately for various reasons sometimes there can be problems with some accounts. Our debt collection process allows for both electronic and manual methods.

The aim of our debt collection service is to obtain payment well before an account reaches the 90 stage. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain payment after this length of time, so we are on to non-payment of accounts immediately.

Each resubmission of an account is recorded so you can be assured of the progress of the submission.

Health Funds

For health funds, any invoices rejected or part paid will be followed up and resubmitted via the correct electronic pathway or manually where required. Once the health funds provides a final ruling on payment of an account, if there are any parts of the account unpaid you will be provided with the health fund explanation for non-payment and decide if you wish to pursue payment or write off the amount.

  1. For individual patients and other organisations our debt collection process is as follows:

  2. A statement will be forwarded followed up with a phone call to assess status of payment and possibility of payment over the phone.

  3. A statement and invoice copy is forwarded followed up with a phone call to assess status of payment and possibility of payment over the phone.

  4. Statement and final reminder will be forwarded. If you utilise a debt collecting agency we will send a letter informing the patient that the matter has been referred to a debt collecting agency.

If no payment has been obtained following the third reminder we will refer the matter back to you but would hope that will not be necessary or at least an extremely rare occurence. At that point you can decide to proceed with a debt collecting agency or mark the account finalised.