Taking the Pain out of Private Practice.™

Specialist Central provides first class administrative services to our valued providers and the ultimate in care and customer service to all our patients.

Specialist Central provides rooms and administrative services to those specialists who prefer an independent or multi-disciplinary practice. We are able to provide a corporate service no matter how large or small your practice. 

Provider and patient care is our priority. We take pride in the knowledge that our providers are extremely happy with our services and our patients are given the best care possible. Our patients regularly praise our staff and the environment. The reception and waiting room has been specifically designed to feel more like a lounge than a medical practice to ensure patients feel welcome, comfortable and calm.

Specialist Central provides onsite and virtual practice management and secretarial services for every aspect of private practice including but not limited to, practice set up, development and expansion, business and practice management, administration, marketing, HR and training.

What we do

Specialist Central offers a range of critical business services to surgical specialists and physicians. Tailored bespoke services include:

  • Practice set up and business structure

  • Marketing and sales

  • Business and marketing roadmaps

  • Brand management and strategy

  • Change and project management

  • Risk management

  • Performance metrics

  • HR

We have a proven track record

  • Setting up and fast tracking business to profit

  • Practice and business management

  • Increasing market growth

  • Maximising patient numbers

  • Growing income

  • Attracting and retaining practitioners

  • Contracts and negotiation

  • Recruitment

  • Training and education

  • Recruitment

  • Insurance and asset protection

  • Accountancy/tax

  • Harnessing technology and communications

  • Government legislation

  • Patient and provider billing and finance

  • Customer service

  • Accreditation

  • Clinical triage

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Implementing lean business processes

  • Building agile businesses